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a digital product or service

The launch of a new product or service can take your business to the next level or it can be a wasteful investment that brings you back to the drawing table.

Our Product & Service Launch Solution is the end-to-end full-package that embeds scientific consumer research, creative UX design and behavioral sciences to sky-rocket your sales.

Our comprehensive scientific approach takes us through 3 different stages in order to bring you substantial digital revenue streams:

01 research & insights

→ Brand positioning & claims relevance
→ Purchasing triggers
→ Customer context & experiential segmentation
→ Interface: UX Analysis, effort assessment

We determine your customer segments and personas, the triggers that drive their behavior, and the design that captivates their interest using neuroscience-based cutting-edge technology.

02 strategy & design

→ Build messages tailored to each customer segment
→ Design interface and interactions
→ Determine the engagement strategy

Following our research, we design the strategy, tailored messages and creative designs to engage your target audience and convert them into customers using behavioral science principles.

03 implementation & support

→ A/B testing
→ Targeted launch campaign
→ Interface feedback implementation
→ Campaign optimization

We implement the product launch strategy while constantly testing and updating our messages to generate the most profitable sales funnel with the highest ROI.

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