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the digital user journey

What turns a visitor into an advocate for your brand?

The User Journey

Our User Journey Mapping Solution is the end-to-end full package that brings together science, design and programming to help businesses skyrocket their conversion and retention rates.

01 research & insights

→ User Journey Segmentation
→ Effort Assessment Across the Journey [Cognitive, Time & Physical Effort]
→ User Emotions Across the Journey
→ UX Analysis

We determine which touch points, channels or experiences need to be improved, redesigned or just implemented differently by using our neuroscience-based assessment methodology.

02 strategy & design

→ Design a new & updated user journey
→ Create a conceptual model
→ Generate creative design solutions
→ Human centered design

We use the insights collected from stage 1 and behavioural principles to design the most engaging and frictionless customer journey tailored to your customers’ needs using behavioral science principles.


→ Programming
→ Testing & Feedback
→ Updates Implementation

We implement the design, test it, collect feedback and make all the necessary updates to ensure that you receive the best differentiating customer journey using our neuroscience-based technology.

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