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Science is still being perceived as a completely parallel field to business. Although lately the industry tycoons have started embedding science in everything from customer experience to business decision making, the vast majority of companies still tend to favor tradition in the detriment of science-based decision-making.

The synergy between science and business that will define the future of the economy is what guided us in the creation UX GEEX. We brought together top experts from various disciplines to ensure a multi-dimensional approach to doing business with our clients.

Getting to know us

We involve our entire team of phDs, neuroscientists, behavioral scientists, UX Designers, programmers, strategists, marketers, and communication experts to ensure the maximum results for our clients.

Research, Strategy, Design, Implementation, Feedback & Updates, we help our clients improve their business from A-Z. Having offices in England, Romania and India, we provide our clients with a multicultural and multilingual approach.

Want a closer look?

Our UK office


16 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, London


+44 7900 445722

Our Romania office


Scoala Floreasca
Street No.16, Bucharest


+40 728313037

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